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I am a 100% combat-related disabled US Navy Veteran of many engagements and battles that most people haven’t heard about (yet, anyway…. WikiLeaks may change that soon!). Anyway, as you have guessed, I am also a Liberal with a capital “L”. No, I’m not a Democrat, but I “lean” their way more often than not because they are mostly Liberals, too. Many people asked me how I can be a Senior Chief Petty Officer in the US Navy and be a Liberal instead of a Republican like many military people are. I told them as I continue to tell everyone- CHECK THE FACTS! The majority of military leadership once they retire from the Military are Democrats or Independent (like me!).

FACTS are more important in these days of mass communication than any other time in our existence. And you can’t always expect the newspapers or Talking Heads on TV to give you facts, that’s for sure (right, Glenn Beck and Rush Limpbaugh?). From simple facts (such as President Obama is in-fact an American Citizen), to wacky facts (like Sarah Palin has no qualifications to be President of these United States other than being an American Citizen… just  like President Obama!), to outright lies (virtually anything FOX News spews-out 24/7/365). Sometimes these facts will startle you, or blow you away, or make you madder than Hell, or will make me the “bearer of bad news”. Regardless, it is my intent to publish ONLY THE FACTS on this Blog, and be they “good news” or “bad news” for you is for YOU to decide.

So that’s what I hope to accomplish in this Blog- to sort out all of life’s little lies that the Republicans or Tea Baggers spew-out on a regular basis, separate the FACT from fiction, and then present these FACTS to you… with a little wit tossed-in as my hero George Carlin used to do.

I hope you enjoy my Blog and drop in from time-to-time.  And if you don’t, this is America- feel free to go and fuck yourself.

– Sammy Young

the Author

the Author


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