The management of this blog wishes to acknowledge the following errors in the last blog entry:

  1. At the last Republicscum debate, Senator Lindsey Graham actually said, “we’re going to kill every one of these bastards we can find”, vice “kill them- kill them all”
    • The entire quote is, “But 10 percent at least will have to be us and we’re going in on the ground and we’re going to pull the caliphate up by its roots and we’re going to kill every one of these bastards we can find because, if we don’t, they are coming here.”
    • The source for these quotes is from the last Republicscum debate, a transcript of which can be found here.
  2. The word “Furher” is properly spelled “Führer”
    • It should also be clarified here that in no way is this blog implying or suggesting that Senator Graham is Hitler… just because they both are little men (Lindsey is 5-7 and Hitler was 5-9), both hated anyone that wasn’t white, both think the best way to deal with people that “don’t belong here” is build higher walls and mass export them, and both don’t appear to have attractions or affections for the opposite sex, we are not saying Senator Graham is Hitler.
  3.  We regret these errors and will try to keep a better control of things around here.
  4. But then again, maybe not….